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A complicated Redstone system for the unreasonably parsimonious.

Are you the kind of Minecraft player who won’t cook anything in a furnace until you have eight items (because that’s how many items a piece of coal or charcoal can cook – of course you would already know this if you are such a Minecraft player)? I am. I know it’s silly, because there’s more than enough coal in any Minecraft world, especially in a single player world. And IF I should ever run short, I can always cook up some charcoal. There’s no real reason to be the kind of player who demands 100% efficiency from my coal supply.

BUT such a player I am, nevertheless. I am also the kind of Minecraft player who isn’t satisfied with a process being easy and manual if I can make it complicated and automatic. So I have come up with a way to have a furnace cook items in batches of eight automatically using a (relatively) simple Redstone device that I call the 100% Efficient Furnace. First, I’ll explain how it works in detail, then I’ll show you how to build one from the ground up. Continue reading

Of all the things I dislike about this build, the roof is number 1. I had intended to try to construct a clerestory style roof. What resulted was just weird and awkward.

A monstrosity such as this is probably what I should expect when trying to improvise a house while stressed.

I made a big mistake.

I’ve been spending more and more time recently playing Terraria. Being still relatively new to the game, I had not yet defeated the Wall of Flesh and made the jump to Hard Mode. This was intentional. Being the compulsive completionist that I am, I wanted to make sure that everything that could be done before Hard Mode was done. I had the best armor you can get before pre-Hard Mode, the best tools and weapons, trophies from the bosses, and all the NPCs. Moreover, I had all but eliminated one of the areas of corruption and dug a big trench around the other. My wife told me (with complete justification) that I was probably overly prepared for Hard Mode. I really don’t know what else I could have done to be ready for it. Continue reading

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