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A nice peaceful place to fish and listen to the sweet sounds of drowning Zombies.

While not the most popular of Mob Grinders (for good reason – they don’t kill Witches), I have always been rather partial to the kind of Grinder that drowns my victims. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s just that I take a perverse pleasure in listening to sufferings of Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers as they slowly succumb to suffocation. Hm … hm … hm mwa ha ha HAHAHAHA! Uh. Ahem. Continue reading

The grain silo, situated adjacent to the barn.

The grain silo, situated adjacent to the barn.

I play Minecraft differently depending on my mood. Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed I don’t want to automate anything, or go search for rare items, or explore anywhere, or engineer anything with redstone. Sometimes all I want to do is make things look pretty.

Case in point: in the last week or so I have spent quite a lot of time adding little touches to my farm area. I built what I thought was a pretty cool looking barn (and it turns out to be functional, too). But something was missing. It took only a little looking around online for me to realize that what my barn needed was a grain silo. Continue reading

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