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How quickly can Minecraft move items from one chest to another? Faster than I realized.

Prior to Minecraft 1.5, item transfer was difficult and incomplete without using mods like BuildCraft, RedPower, or Thermal Expansion. You could use minecarts to get items from point A to point B, but you had no way to transfer items from one inventory to another, meaning items had to remain in the minecart until you moved them manually into a nearby chest (unless, again, you used a mod – specifically RailCraft). The same was true of water canals: you could move items from, say, a mob grinder to a place inside your base, but you couldn’t deposit said items within a chest. Continue reading

In the last post, we looked at the basic principles behind building a secret door into a staircase. This kind of secret door uses what is called a piston extender. In the interest of brevity and clarity, we left the project with a working button triggering mechanism inspired by MrCubey’s secret door design. Today, however, we are going to replace that button triggering mechanism (the first part, at least) with a triggering mechanism that detects the presence of a key item. But first, I want to talk about pulse generators. Continue reading

I’ve been doing some experimenting with horizontal dropper chains recently. Vertical dropper chains used as an item elevator are commonplace. The idea behind the vertical dropper chain is to use a comparator clock to send repeated redstone signals to a column of redstone torches adjacent to the dropper chain so long as there are items in the bottom dropper.

This is one way to set up a comparator clock to power a vertical dropper chain.

A second example of a comparator clock powering a vertical dropper chain.

However, so far I haven’t seen that horizontal dropper chains are as commonly used as vertical ones, which seems to me to be a shame, since droppers are super cheap to make and a chain of droppers can transport items very quickly. Furthermore, they can be combined with well-known vanilla sorting mechanics (using hoppers) to make sophisticated item sorting systems without the need for mods. In this post, I’m going to showcase some different styles of horizontal dropper chains and a couple of examples of sorting systems built on horizontal dropper chains. Continue reading

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