I did not successfully get a normal post published today, so I thought I’d very briefly give a preview of something I’m working on. Strangely, in the world my wife and I are playing at the moment, NPC villages are surprisingly rare. I finally found one in a Marsh biome with three villagers. I decided to kidnap two of these (using Extra Utilities golden lassos) and transplant them to an NPC village of my own construction nearby to my wife’s and my bases. We’ve decided to build it in an Asian theme. As the focal point of our Asian NPC village, I am building a five-story pagoda of oak, birch, and cherry (from Biomes O’ Plenty) wood, and granite and komatite stone (from Underground Biomes). Here are some quick screenshots of what I’ve built so far. I’m really pleased with the upswing of the Japanese-style gables on the corners. This is not something that is easy to do in the cube-world of Minecraft. Obviously, the design is not entirely original, and there are people out there doing things that are way more amazing than this, but I think it’s going to look pretty sweet when it’s finished.

A look down the roof line to show the upswept corners.