I finally found a plains biome, but, alas, there were no horses. I’ve made a spawner lasso (which is a very thoughtful feature of the Simply Horses mod). I could spawn in a horse of any breed, but I still want the experience of going out and taming horses from a wild herd. Fortunately, the spawner lasso can also spawn a wild herd – and in any biome! I’m holding off on that, though, until I can get some infrastructure up and going at my new ranch.

For the main building, I’m going with something a little more conventional than what I normally do. One of the cool things about Extra Biomes is the addition of a few more tree species and their respective planks. This has made it easier for me to construct a building entirely from wood planks (except for the cobblestone foundation) while avoiding the sort of dullness you get with wood of only one or two colors. In this building I’ve used five different kinds of wood and spruce logs for the corners.

The Pandarosa main house

This ranch-style house has a full length front porch, a kitchen, dining room, living room/work room, and bathroom on the ground floor, and two bedrooms upstairs, each with its own bay window (or whatever you call those things up there). I also have a storage closet under the staircase (in Harry Potter’s bedroom). I’m using the John Smith texture pack for this game. You’ll notice fruit trees on the right. That’s from the FarmCraftory mod. There aren’t a ton of recipes for the extra fruits and vegetables just yet, but the developer has plans for more content.

One of the things I like most about Redpower is the handsaw that allows you to subdivide blocks. Obviously, the most Redpower-relevant use for this feature has to do with using panels and covers on frames, but it opens up a world of potential for all sorts of things. I mentioned a bathroom in the last paragraph. Yeah. It shares a wall with the kitchen, so I’ve created a 2×2 infinite water source, bordered by marble covers, that is accessible in both rooms (sinks). Wood covers prevent one from seeing into the other room. I also created this little beauty using Redpower blocks.

Yes, this is what you think it is.

Yes, this is what you think it is.

The flush doesn’t work, for now, but I think it will before I’m through.

The love seat

A love seat from Redpower microblocks.

Redpower blocks can be used to make all sorts of furniture pieces. I had originally considered using Jammy’s furniture mod for this game, and I may yet add it. But part of the fun in Minecraft is making do with less than perfect parts, creating something like furniture with blocks that were probably never intended to be furniture (using stairs and signs for an arm chair in vanilla, for instance). My intention in selecting the mods I’m using for this game was to use mods that enhanced the vanilla game. One could imagine these mods to be predicting features that Mojang may be planning for a future release. While Redpower does add some new kinds of content (Blutricity), much of Redpower simply expands upon the basic vanilla game without adding whole new categories (like IC2 or Universal Electricity). I feel that the microblocks are a good example of this.